His Music

Lyrical, rhythmic, rich, and layered, Jeffrey Hoover's works are narratives in sound, images, and words.  His compositions are a product of his imagination, his personal performance experience in diverse American classical music traditions, and jazz.  His composition work ranges from music for solo instrument to symphony orchestra and wind ensemble, dance, chamber music, voice, and electroacoustic resources.

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ENTRADA for alto saxophone and piano

Keith Bohm, alto saxophone, John Cozza, piano

BRAZILIAN DREAMS for flute and orchestra

Laurel Zucker, flute, Ryan Murry, conductor

Sacramento State University Symphony Orchestra

GUERNICA  for voice, violin, cello, piano - Ensemble for These Times (E4TT) 

Nanette McGuinness, soprano, Dawn Harms, violin, Anne Lerner-Wright, cello,

Dale Tsang, piano

GABRIEL for flute, alto saxophone, and piano

Jeremiah Duarte Bills, flute, Keith Bohm, alto saxophone, John Cozza, piano

TRANSCENDENCE (poems by Witter Bynner) for voice and piano

1. Beauty; 2. Driftwood; 3. Chariots; 4. To a Painter; 5. [Interlude] for solo piano; 6. Distance

Robin Fisher, soprano, Hatem Nadim, piano

BLACK COFFEE (excerpt of dance music movement from "Rituals" for mixed sextet)

University Dance Company - California State University, Sacramento.

Philip Flickinger, Choreographer, Darian Leonard, movement and spoken text

ABUNDANCE for flute, clarinet, and piano

1. Sand Dance; 2. Blue Dream of Astor; 3. North of the Beach

Laurel Zucker, flute, Sandra McPherson, clarinet, John Cozza, piano