MUSIC with 


"Everything you can imagine

is real"  - Pablo Picasso

Connections and community can be  celebrated through the combining of the arts.  Unfortunately, in more recent times the arts have often been compartmentalized - keeping the museum and the concert hall as far apart from one another as possible.


A creative visionary, Jeffrey Hoover has devoted more than three decades to combining music with art.  These works can be appreciated separately, in galleries and concerts, or together in performances where the audience can both see and hear the artistic commentary at the same time.


His instrumental and vocal music is combined with his paintings.  These paintings represent sound through the use of water-based and mixed media approaches.  Images of the paintings can be projected in performances. 




An American Toccata - piano - Loren Campbell

Galileo - videopainting and filmscore by Hoover

Golden - alto flute and piano - Rebecca Jeffreys and Molly Lozeau

Image of Scandal - orchestra

Into the Night - flugelhorn/trumpet and marimba

- Judith Saxton and Richard Bobo