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"We all do 'Do Re Mi' but you have got to find the other notes yourself." 

- Louis Armstrong

"I believe one of the healthiest things composers can do for themselves is to perform.  Performing is something I enjoy and from which I draw inspiration. I can then focus that energy into my composition work.  Whether I'm playing in a classical concert ensemble or in a jazz combo or Latin horn band, that direct connection with music and and audience nourishes me.   As a saxophonist, I've had the opportunity to tour and play a wide range of music.  Flute and clarinet- and more recently EWI -are instruments I also play."
"As well as playing, conducting has been another avenue that inspires my work.  'Taking apart' another composer's music in rehearsal and putting it back together in performance helps me better understand how other composers think and that in turn fuels my creative drive."

- Jeffrey Hoover

Photo by Rodolfo Rivera